Are You Safe?

Every day hackers and cyber miscreants discover new techniques to compromise your sensitive information.  Every single day.  Hackers never take the day off they never get sick and they never lack patience.  They want it and you have it. If you’re new to computer security see my page What Is Computer Security?

Its estimated that in the last year alone, cyber criminals stole over 388 billion dollars, in crimes that affected more than 431 million people. That’s more than a million people a day or, 14 people a second.  By the time you finish reading this sentence more than 50 people will have been made the victim of cyber crimes and, the worst part is most of them won’t even know it, probably not for a while.

Every year the internet becomes more and more incorporated into our daily lives in the form of Email, YouTube, Social Media, Banking the list goes on.  Communication has never been easier or more essential than the times we live in, and with our ever increasing reliance on computers to manage our lives it’s important we take the time to understand how to protect our identities, our finances, and our families. See my page What Is Computer Security? for more information.

Now granted, all of this sounds very and hard, its not. This website is here to help you.